Literature Survey in Software Engineering


Informatics 291S: Literature Survey in Software Engineering

Fall 2016

Professor: James A. Jones (

Office: DBH 5214

Office hours: After class, or by appointment

Location: DBH 1423

Lecture day and time: Mondays 3:30pm–4:50pm

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Catalog Description:

291s Literature Survey in Software Engineering (2). Reading and analysis of relevant literature in Software Engineering under the direction of a faculty member.


All students enrolled in the course will earn a letter grade based upon: (a) class participation, (b) weekly summaries, (c) practice questions.

  1. Class participation: 50%

  2. Weekly summaries: 40%

  3. Practice questions: 10%

Schedule (tentative)

Week 1 (Sep 26): Introduction

Week 2 (Oct 3): History and Discipline of Software Engineering

Week 3 (Oct 10): Analysis and Safety

Week 4 (Oct 17): Process

Week 5 (Oct 24): Requirements and Architecture

Week 6 (Oct 31): Design

Week 7 (Nov 7): Student Panel

Week 8 (Nov 14): Environments and Metrics

Week 9 (Nov 21): Faculty Panel

Week 10 (Nov 28): Question and answer

Tentative date for the Phase II Exam: Friday, December 2