Most Influential CS Education Papers

At the SIGCSE 2010 special session "Recognizing the Most Influential CS Education Papers," panelists identified the following:

Citations of Influential Papers
Category Authors Title Citation Recommenders
Research on Learning Fleury, A. Student Beliefs about Pascal Programming Journal of Educational Computing Research, 9(3), 355-371 Mike Clancy
Research on Learning Klahr, D., and Carver, S. M. Cognitive Objectives in a LOGO Debugging Curriculum: Instruction, Learning, and Transfer Cognitive Psychology 20, 362-404 (1988) Mark Guzdial
Research on Learning Ben-Ari, M. Constructivism in Computer Science Education SIGCSE Bulletin, v. 30, n. 1, 257-261 (March 1998) Kim Bruce*
Research on Learning Letovsky, S., and Soloway, E. Delocalized Plans and Program Comprehension IEEE Software, v. 3, n. 3, 41-49 (May/June 1986) Mike Clancy
Research on Learning Soloway, E., Bonar, J., and Erlich, K. Cognitive Strategies and Looping Constructs: An Empirical Study Communications of the ACM, v. 26, n. 11, p. 853-860 (November 1983) Kim Bruce, Nell Dale
Research on Learning Brown, J., and Burton, R. Diagnostic Models for Procedural Bugs in Basic Mathematical Skills Cognitive Science 2, 155-192 (1978) Mike Clancy
Tools and Strategies Wirth, N. Pascal Springer-Verlag, 4th ed. (1991) Kim Bruce*
Tools and Strategies Papert, S. Mindstorms Basic Books, 2d ed. (1993) Eric Roberts*
Tools and Strategies Clancy, M., and Linn, M. The Case for Case Studies of Programming Problems Communications of the ACM, v. 35, n. 3, p. 121-132 (March 1992) Eric Roberts*, Kim Bruce*
Tools and Strategies Green, T., and Petre, M. Usability Analysis of Visual Programming Environments: A 'Cognitive Dimensions' Framework Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 7, 131-174 (1996) Mark Guzdial
Tools and Strategies Pattis, R. Karel the Robot Wiley, 2d ed. (1994) Eric Roberts
Tools and Strategies Anderson, J., Corbett, A., Koedinger, K, and Pelletier, R Cognitive Tutors: Lessons Learned The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 4(2), 167-207 (1995) Mark Guzdial
Tools and Strategies Parlante, N. Nifty Assignments Panels SIGCSE Technical Symposium (1999–) Kim Bruce
Tools and Strategies Kolling, M., and Rosenberg An Object-Oriented Program Development Environment for the First Programming Course SIGCSE Technical Symposium (1996) Kim Bruce
Programming Process Parnas, D. On the Criteria to be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules Communications of the ACM, v.15 n.12, p. 1053-1058 (Dec. 1972) Mike Clancy
Programming Process Weinberg, G. The Psychology of Computer Programming Wiley (1971) Eric Roberts*
Programming Process Hoare, C. A. R. The Emperor's Old Clothes Communications of the ACM, v. 24, n. 2, p. 75-83 (Feb. 1981) Eric Roberts*
Programming Process Brooks, F. No Silver Bullet IEEE Computer, v. 20, n. 4, p. 10-19 (April 1987) Eric Roberts
Curricula Atchison, W., et al. Curriculum 68 Communications of the ACM, v.11, n.3, p. 151-197 (March 1968) Kim Bruce, Eric Roberts*
Curricula Austing, R., Barnes, B., Bonnette, D., Engel, G., and Stokes, G. Curriculum '78 Communications of the ACM, v.22, n.3, p. 147-166 (March 1979) Eric Roberts
Curricula Gibbs, N., and Tucker, A. A Model Curriculum for a Liberal Arts Degree in Computer Science Communications of the ACM, v.29, n.3, p. 202-210 (March 1986) Kim Bruce*
Curricula Koffman, E., Miller, P., and Wardle, C. Recommended Curriculum for CS 1 Communications of the ACM, v.27, n.10, p. 998-1001 (October 1984) Nell Dale, Eric Roberts*
Curricula Koffman, E., Stemple, D., and Wardle, C. Recommended Curriculum for CS 2 Communications of the ACM, v.28, n.8, p. 815-818 (August 1985) Nell Dale, Eric Roberts*
Curricula Tucker, A., et al. Computing Curricula 1991 ACM Technical Report, 1991 Mike Clancy

* Indicates a runner-up or second choice.