Each of these assignments is due by the beginning of the discussion section on Wednesday. This means that your electronic submission to Checkmate (checkmate.ics.uci.edu) should be made before you come to section and that any paper submission will be due at the start of class. In general, you will use the Wednesday and Friday lab sessions to work on each assignment, with the Monday session to clear up any last-minute questions or problems.

We understand that occasionally, scheduling constraints will keep you from submitting your assignment electronically before the start of Wednesday's section and you'll need to use Checkmate at the beginning of your lab section; we won't penalize you if this happens once or twice, but we expect that you will use your Wednesday lab time to start work on the new assignment, not to finish up the previous one.

1. Fundamental Computing Skills (due October 8). The file asst1.txt (in case Masterhit is unavailable).
2. Web Searching and Publishing (due October 15)
3A. Spreadsheets (due October 22, along with Assignment 3B)
3B. The Deus X Machine (due October 22). This document is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) form because it makes the diagrams clearer. It should be readable with no trouble in the lab, but if you're using some other machine, especially an older one, you may need to leave some extra time to make sure you can view it.
4. Data Representation (due October 29). This material will show up on the midterm, so get an early start and ask about it in section.
5. Configuring Systems (due November 5).
6. Representing Images and Data Compression (due November 12).
7. Probability (due November 19).
8. User Interface and Presentation Graphics (due December 3). We have combined two weeks' homework into one asignment to give you some flexibility for planning around the Thansgiving holiday.

Stay tuned for further assignments.