This assignment is due by the beginning of your discussion section on Wednesday, October 8. One key to success in computer science is a meticulous attention to detail; be sure to read this assignment with great care so you don't miss anything it requires. Another key to success is to realize that problems and frustrations often come up when dealing with computers; this assignment has many parts and will take you longer than you think, so don't expect to be able to do it all at once.

 Summary: There are a few computing skills every student needs. Many of you may have these skills already; those who don't should have little trouble acquiring them. This assignment gives you a chance to exercise these basic skills.

Necessary skills: Listed below are the skills you should have by the end of the week. If you don't have them yet, feel free to ask your TA or classmates for help.

With electronic mail, you should be able to (a) log onto your EA account with your UCInet ID, (b) read your Email using Webmail or some other software, (c) send Email. Note that you should check your Email daily, using your UCInet ID on EA, since that's a source of official course announcements. (If you prefer to read your Email on another system, you may change the delivery of your UCInet ID mail via

On the Web, you should be able to (a) view web pages using Netscape Communicator (Navigator) and Microsoft Internet Explorer, (b) follow hyperlinks (both text and image), (c) enter a URL to link to it directly (e.g.,, (d) use a web directory like, (e) use a search engine like or, and log in to Checkmate (, the assignment submission system), register yourself for ICS 10A, and submit this assignment when done.

On the Windows machines in the lab, you should be able to (a) log in using your ICS ID, (b) log out when you're done (remembering to wait for the "logged out" screen to be sure you're really logged out), (c) open applications like Navigator or Word, (d) locate files (on Masterhit (the file server on the ICS instructional network); on the local hard disk; on your own floppy), (e) copy files from one place to another, (f) move files to the recycling bin and empty it, and (g) cut and paste text from one source (such as a web page in Navigator) to another (such as a Word document).

In Microsoft Word, you should be able to create a document, entering and editing text, using basic formatting tools (like setting margins and paragraph indentation and changing font, size, and style).

Electronic mail tasks: Do these tasks with electronic mail:

Web-based tasks (part one):

Word-based tasks (part one):

Web-based tasks (part two):

Windows-based tasks:

Word-based tasks (part two):

Web-based tasks (part three):

Written by David G. Kay, Summer 1999, and modified Fall 1999, Fall 2000, Fall 2001, and Fall 2003.

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