Do your best to improve each of the following short passages. Try to remain true to the author's meaning and intentions; feel free to consult with others in the cases where the author's meaning is ambiguous or opaque. Don't be shy about rewording or rearranging significantly.

Many of these passages depend on the proper placement of modifying words or phrases; this concept is analogous to the computer science concepts of identifier scope and operator precedence.

This assignment is due at the beginning of class on the date specified on the course outline. Consult the course outline for the due dates of all assignments. Please refer to the course reference sheet for further hints, requirements, and advice.

(a) A lab attendant is on duty in CS 364 and CS 193 to, among other things, enforce the no-games policy.

(b) This document provides a description of the process by which a solution to the problem was produced.

(c) Nobody expected an earthquake of this week's magnitude.

(d) The youth shot the principal of Sacred Heart School without provocation with a 12-gauge shotgun in the presence of two younger students, said Redlands Police Chief Lewis Nelson.

(e) Arco's Judges' Special Trophy-winning float depicts an usher being grabbed by a monster coming out of a movie screen during a matinee.

(f) The British Government did not admit that they had built a computer before the ENIAC called Colossus until 1974.

(g) There was sporadic violence this week in Zaire. The quiet entry of Kabila into Kinshasa is a sign that the violence is not completely over.

(h) This book is designed for a first course in computer science that uses C++ as the language by which programming is studied. It is NOT a book using a new "hot" language, but otherwise similar to so many introductory programming texts.