This assignment is due on Monday, March 6, by 7:00 p.m. in the box in CS 189.

Summary: Here we look at abstract data types and object-oriented programming.

Readings and review questions: You should know the answers to the review questions listed below.

Chapter 10: 1-4, 10-16

Chapter 11: 1-7, 21-32

(a) Do problem 9 from the problem set that starts on page 433 of Sebesta

(b) Give a brief answer to problem 12 on page 488 of Sebesta.

(c) Come up with an example of a small class hierarchy representing real-world objects that makes appropriate use of all three types of class members: public, private, and protected. For each member, give one sentence justifying why you chose its type (public, private, or protected). For this part, feel free to work with your classmates. Any joint solution simply has to list all the people who worked on it.