ICS 398B — UC Irvine — David G. Kay

Activity 3: Design Assignments for Your Course

For the next class, think about the assignment structure for your course: How many? What kinds, and where do they fit in Bloom's taxonomy? Will you allow or require collaboration? How do your assignments address the most valuable parts of the course or the most difficult parts (which you identified earlier)?

Prepare two slides (give or take) and add them to your existing presentation, so everything is in one document:

  1. An outline and summary of each assignment with a line or two to describe each, plus answers to these questions: Which level(s) in Bloom's taxonomy does this assignment exercise? Which of the student learning outcomes does it help achieve? What does it do to help with the hardest or most important concepts you identified?

    A good way to present this would be to make a copy of your course outline and on the copy, show each assignment at the point in the course where it would be due.

  2. A detailed description of one assignment. Write a half-page (more is okay) of the actual assignment language you would give to the students. Then describe the rest of the assignment, if the half-page doesn't describe it completely, in a detailed outline.

Please bring an electronic version to class to present (anything that will work with the classroom projection system is fine). Remember to combine this with your goals and outline from last time, so we can refer back to the previous material.

David G. Kay, kay@uci.edu