ICS 398B — Winter 2018 UC Irvine — David G. Kay


One of the basic principles of education is that you learn best by doing, not just by seeing and hearing. That applies to this seminar, too. We have divided the doing into four different activities, each of which builds on the previous activities to some extent.

Each activity is described below. Typically you will display your work electronically in our classroom; you may use the classroom machine or bring your own. In class, we will discuss everyone's work—this may take a week or two—and then move on to other topics and the next activity.

Activity 1: Design an Introductory Course

Activity 2: Design a Course of Your Choice (goals, outcomes, outline)

Activity 3: Design Assignments for Your Course

Activity 4: Design Exams for Your Course

David G. Kay, kay@uci.edu