Informatics 42 • Winter 2012 • David G. Kay • UC Irvine

Eighth Homework

Get your work checked and signed off by a classmate, then show it to your TA in lab on Monday, March 5.

(a) Finish up the problems from last week's homework, in particular:

(b) Some review questions for the final are on line. They're not required as part of this homework, but it would be a good idea if you were able to do these problems. (Some of the code hasn't been translated into Python, but for this purpose it should be easy enough to follow.) Answers are also available, but actually try to do the problems before looking.

(c) Beyond that, spend your time working on the lab assignment.

Written by David G. Kay, Winter 2005; modified Winter 2006, Winter 2008, and Winter 2012.