Students Teaching Computer Science

in ICS at UCI

Students have a variety of opportunities to help other students learn computer science at UCI:

TAs whose native language isn't English can use these strategies for effective communication in the classroom.

Instructors who think electronic mail makes their life harder might enjoy these tips for responding to student e-mail.

Lab tutors (current and prospective) should read ICS 31/32/33 Lab Tutor Guide. For a detailed view of the duties of a TA or section leader in a lower-division class, consult the ICS 31/32/33 Guide. (Many of the details vary from one course to another.)

For a detailed list of logistical details a TA or reader should work out with a course instructor early in the quarter, see What to Ask the Instructor.

The UCI Center for Engaged Instruction (CEI) provides a wide variety of services relating to teaching.

UCI's Electronic Educational Environment (EEE) at provides course rosters, course mailing lists, electronic grade distribution, web-based course evaluations, and other services. It is slowly being augmented (and partially replaced) by the commercial product Canvas.

Andy Ko of the Information School at the University of Washington has prepared a brief set of slides summarizing what we know today about effective teaching, "How to be a Great (CS) Teacher."