Course Outline


This course introduces basic concepts in cryptography and computer security and discusses both their theoretical foundations and practical applications. Various threats, attacks and countermeasures including cryptosystems, cryptographic protocols and secure systems/networks will be addressed. The course will cover: brief history of cryptography, encryption (conventional and public key), digital signatures, hash functions, message authentication codes, randomness, unconditional and computational security, zero-knowledge protocols, secure e-commerce, group communication security, anonymity, key escrow. A few popular security mechanisms (e.g., Secure IP, SSL, PGP) will also be discussed.


Prerequisites: I&C SCI 6D AND ( I&C SCI 22 OR CSE 22 OR I&C SCI H22 OR I&C SCI 33 OR CSE 43 OR IN4MATX 42 OR AP COMP SCI AB ( min score = 4 ) ) AND ( COMPSCI 122A OR EECS 116 OR COMPSCI 132 OR COMPSCI 143A OR CSE 104 )


Optional Text: Network Security - Private Communication in a Public World (Second Edition), Charlie Kaufman, Radia Perlman and Mike Speciner.

Class Notes: Available on the web (see below)


Class Time: Wednesday  7:00pm – 9:50pm

Class Room:  HG 1800



Instructor: Karim ElDefrawy

Instructor's coordinates: ICS1 468A, (Add "COMPSCI134:" to email subject)

Instructor's office hours: Wednesday 5:30pm – 7pm (drop in) and Friday (by email appointment)

TA: Norrathep Rattanavipanon

TA's coordinates: ICS1 468A, (Add "COMPSCI134:" to email subject)

TA office hours: Tuesday 11:00am – 12:00pm and Friday 3:00pm – 4:00pm



Course Requirements: Three homeworks (48% of grade, 16% each). Midterm and Final Exam (26% and 26% respectively of grade).

Course Syllabus and Schedule