Raymond Klefstad, Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science, Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Science, U.C. Irvine

Computers and communications technologies have changed the world. From command-and-control systems to control of our automobiles, these technologies play a vital role. This revolution is only a few decades old, but already futurists talk about the twenty-first century in terms of the ``information economy,'' the ``information society,'' and even the ``information age.'' UCI's Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Science is in the center of this revolution, with programs of instruction and research in a variety of areas within computer science technology.

|| Educational Philosophy ||

Educational Philosophy

I assume my students want to learn. True learning requires hard work. I motivate my students to learn with lots of course work including weekly homeworks, weekly quizzes, and a comprehensive final exam. My role is to define what I want students to learn then to help them understand and learn that material. I try to balance theory and practice so students can see the value of what they are learning. I convey enthusiasm for the material in lecture and I'm sure my students can sense that I love my job and that I really care about their futures. I've been very honored to receive fifteen UCI teaching awards over the past thirty years of UC teaching.

Educational Wisdom

Department of Computer Science, University of California, Irvine CA 92697-2625