Draft, 3/13/05

Seminar "Computers in Everyday Life"

Instructor: Alfred Kobsa

kobsa @ uci.edu , Rm. CS 430C, Bldg. 302


Disclaimer: These are guidelines intended to help students plan their work in this course. However, the instructor does reserve the right to make changes if needed.

General Educational Aims: This course gives a gentle introduction to the "people's side of computers", and to the potential future role of computers in our everyday lives.

Requirements: None. Enrollment will be restricted to freshmen until Thursday, noon, March 24, 2005. After this date, enrollment in Uni Stu 3 will be open to ALL undergraduates.

Character of course: We will read the textbook and discuss about it. Students will give presentations on chapters of the textbook.

Time and Location:      Fridays 2pm-2:50pm      Room 432 in the CS building (bldg 302).

Required readings:

Grading: 50% for presentation  
  50% for participation in discussions

Efficient reading: see here

Cheating: see here

Students with Disabilities:
see here

Add/drop Deadlines:   5:00pm the second week of classes (April 15, 2005). I'll be happy to sign drop cards thereafter though.

Office hours: by arrangement (contact me in class or send email beforehand).

Date Topic Reading chapter
Introduction Chapter 1
Unusable at any bandwidth Chapter 2
The quest for universal usability Chapter 3
New methods, new goals Chapter 4
  5/6 Understanding human activities and relationships Chapter 5
e-Learning Chapter 6
e-Business Chapter 7
e-Healthcare Chapter 8
e-Government Chapter 9
Creativity Chapter 10