IN4MATX 131 Term Project                            


The main aims of this term project are to determine (a) whether users have troubles finding the web page for making appointments with a librarian, and (b) whether they are satisfied with the confirmation message that they receive once they submitted an appointment request. Other comments from them on the usability of this page, or the Libraries website in general, are also welcome.

The project should be carried out by pairs of two INF 131 students (the "experimenters"). You can sign up for a project team here (join an existing student if you don't have a partner yet, or open up a new team). The outcome of the project should be a written report that addresses the above aims. The term papers are due by March 18 in this dropbox. The estimated work time is 2 hours for the experiment (10 minutes each subject, and one hour for setup), 2-3 hours for analyzing the videos, and about a day for writing the report.

This project will be conducted in collaboration with the UCI Libraries who will be very eager to read about your findings.

1. Choice of Loation, Time, Computer, Capture Software and Web Browser

Several days before the experiment, determine where you will run the experiment and what computer you will use.

Location: The location should have a desk and three chairs as well as Internet connectivity that is good enough for web browsing. It should be indoors or at least in the shade so that subjects can easily view the screen. Subjects should also not become distracted by others, nor distract others by their talking. The best strategy is to install yourselves at some public space and to lure nearby students to your experiment, rather than asking people to come to a specific location at a specific time.
Computer: The computer should have a screen of at least 13", be powerful enough to run screen & audio recording software while the test user browses the web, and record audio through an internal or external microphone.
Screen and Audio Recording ("Screencasting") Software: Any such software is fine as long as you are able to eventually create an integrated video/audio file that can be played in Windows Media Player or Quicktime. HCI professionals typically use Camtasia Studio (for Mac and PC) or Morae Recorder (for PC only), which both have a 30-day free trial period. In addition, many freeware and shareware choices exist, both for Windows (the Libraries like CamStudio) and MacOS .

2. Preparation for the experiment

3. Setup on the Day of the Experiment:

4. Report and CD/DVD:

5. Some advice on the report: