Draft, 4/14/2015

INF 235: Advanced User Interaction Architectures

Instructor: Alfred Kobsa


Disclaimer: These are guidelines are intended to help students plan their work in this class. However, the instructor does reserve the right to make changes if needed.

General Educational Aims: This class is concerned with advanced user interaction and interface architectures, focusing specifically on privacy architectures for electronic environments. Emphasis will be put on privacy protections in upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor environments. Students will learn about prescriptive approaches to help safeguard privacy (laws, design strategies, privacy-analysis templates). Using an IoT deployment as an application example, they will then write a privacy impact analysis, conduct an empirical study to determine factors that influence people's privacy-related decisions (e.g., their willingness to disclose personal data to an IoT environment), and design a tool that allows people to express their privacy preferences to the IoT environment.

The class is research and practice oriented and forms a good introduction to a privacy engineering career (Cranor & Sadeh 2013a, 2013b)

Requirements: Graduate level, or permission of instructor
                          Successful completion of the UCI CITI Human Research Protections Course
(Social/Behavioral Investigators - Basic Course)
                                (24 hours after competion, check whether your name is  confirmed by the tutorial verification system,
and alert IRBC@research.uci.edu if not)

Format: Students will work in teams of four and two on the following activities:             Signup for a team

Time and Location:   Mon & Wed 2-3:20pm, SSL 168

Grading:    Presentation 15%
rivacy impact assessment document 20%
                   Design of privacy preference expression tool  20%   
                   Interview study 35%
                   Active in-class participation 10%

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Adding/Dropping: in accordance with ICS policies

Course Evaluation: Midterm feedback form and final course evaluation

Office hours: After class, or Mon 12:30-1:30pm in Bren Hall Rm 5092 (contact me in class or send email beforehand)


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Optional readings (all free from within the UCI domain):