Welcome to Kyle Conniff's website!

I am a Ph.D. candidate of statistics at the University of California Irvine (UCI). I am working under the direction of Dr. Dan Gillen in censored suvival data for Native American health care. I received a Bachelor's of Arts from St. Norbert College (SNC) in mathematics in 2016. I strive to develop materials and resources for teaching statistics to marginalized students and communities.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Priorities

As a researcher, student, and athlete, I can be quite busy. On top of that, I like to tutor, teach, and work on various projects for fun. To prevent myself from getting overbooked, I am specifying my priorities below. These are ordered in terms of where I will focus the most time, effort, and energy. You are always welcome to ask or invite me to a new opportunity, but I may be more inclined to accept if they are related to the below. The major list items are the large topics. The sublists are immediate goals related to the topic.

  1. Working on my dissertation writing/research
    • Finish system migration paper
    • Misspecified system migration simulation/paper
    • Dissertation writing
  2. Working on my statistical expertise
    • Censored time-to-event data analyses
    • Large sample theory in censored time-to-event settings
    • Quantifying bias in mixed censoring settings
  3. Working on my mental health
    • Dealing with insecurities and loneliness
    • Building confidence in mental and physical abilities
    • Mindfulness meditation
  4. Working on my physical health
    • Rehab from ACL tear
    • Squat/Bench over 400/200 lbs
    • Dunking on 10 foot rim consistently
  5. Working on my expertise in AI/AN healthcare/ADRD
    • National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center retention and disparities research
    • AI/AN data sovereignty policies
    • Indian Health Services health disparities research


B.A., in Mathematics, St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI, USA (2016)

Honors and Awards:

Reviewer once said "This candidate has no weaknesses" in review of one of his grant proposals.

National Institute of Aging Diversity Supplement Award (2021)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (2017)

Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship Recipient (2016)

Diversity Fellowship Recipient (2016)

McNair Scholar (2013)


PA Act 126 Part 1: Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting Certificate (2022)

PA Act 126 Part 2: Educator Discipline Act, Sexual Misconduct and Maintaining Professional Boundaries Certificate (2022)

Course Design Certificate Program (2020)

Wellness at UCI Certificate Program (2020)

Foundations of Graduate Health and Wellness (2018)