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Student FAQs »

Q: How can I get a job working in the ICS Labs?

If you want to apply as a Lab Assistant (the people behind the desk in the Lab) fill out and turn in the Job Application at the appropriate time (Usually Week 7 of the quarter if we are hiring).

Q: Why isn't the Lab open 24 hours a day?

We believe having an Assistant on duty is a greater deterrent than a few cameras (although we reserve the right to supplement the Assistants with cameras later). Recent surveys show that students don't want to work the graveyard shift.

Q: What do I do if a machine is broken?

Contact a Lab Assistant at the help desk. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.

Q: What does a Lab Assistant do anyway?

Lab Assistants do not substitute for TAs or instructors. Lab Assistants do not know everything there is to know about computers. Lab Assistants do attempt to deal with Lab problems or report the problems to someone who can deal with them. Lab Assistants do activate ICS computer accounts and maintain printers. They also watch over the Labs and maintain a safe and comfortable instructional environment.

Q: Can I bring food into the Lab?

NO! It smells, creates a trash problem, attracts pests, and provides yet another danger to our precious computers.

Q: What should I do if the people around me are making it hard to concentrate?

You should notify the Lab Assistant on duty, who will take care of the problem.

Q: Can I print out non-ICS stuff if I'm an ICS major?

Computers are for ICS use primarily. If a computer is free or the Lab is not busy you may complete and printout non-ICS coursework.

Q: When can I use ICS equipment?

During your class Lab time when there is an instructor or TA present. There are also times when no classes are scheduled, and you may utilize the machines at those times as well. CS 364 serves as an Open Lab almost exclusively.

Q: Can I play games on the Lab computers?

This may not directly answer the question, but know these things: Instructional purposes always have priority. Do not put unlicensed software on any of the machines. Do not create a disturbance in the Lab which may disrupt students who are working on course material. What this means is that academic and instructional purposes always take precendence over games and other leisurely activities.

Q: Do I really have to leave when the Lab closes?

Yes. Even if you are very trustworthy, the motion sensors trust no one.

Q: Why are these machines so slow?

We have Pentium 400Mhz workstations. It must be you... No, seriously. If you are logging in to a Unix host to do course work you may be logged on with a hundred other people.

Q: What time do the Labs close?

Check out the Lab Schedule page.

Q: How much disk space do I get for my class?

Disk space varies by courseload. The default amount is 40 MB.

Q: Can I borrow one of these cool mouse pads?

Don't even think about it. In fact, do not remove any equipment from the Labs ever. If you're still thinking about it, perhaps you need some Philosophy courses.

Q: Where can I make a suggestion about Lab?

As always, send an email to ICS Lab. We need good ideas like plants need the sun.