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Printing in the labs »

There is one printer available in CS 364 for student use. ICS Labs use a pay-per-sheet printing system that is provided by OIT. Each page costs 10 cents to print and you must have a valid print card.

How to send and print documents


  • Click on print from the application.
  • Make sure that the printer name is PayPrint CS364.
  • Go to the printer and follow the direction on the print station
  • On the screen, find your print job and then hit Print.
  • You can continue to print other jobs or click Logout when you are done.
  • The station will display how much value is left on the card.

    PDF Files - if you are having problems printing a PDF file, please make sure that the postscript level is set to 1. To change the level, do the following:

    • Click on print --> Properties... --> Advanced...
    • Under Document Options, find PostScript Options
    • Change PostScript Language Level to 1

    If you find the print job is coming out slowly, try printing a couple of pages at a time. Some PDF files are quite large and the printer cannot process it all at once.


  • ASCII (text) files: mp asciifile.txt | lpr -Pppcs364
  • PostScript files: lpr -Ppcs364
  • TEX DVI files: dvisp -Pppcs364 file.dvi

For more information, please refer to the ICS Support UNIX Printing Guide.

Getting Refunds

If your print job does not print out properly (ie. streaks, paper jam) you can get a refund by contacting the Lab Manager in CS346L. If the Lab Manager is not available, please contact OIT.

If the print card dispenser malfunctioned and you did not get a card or it did not add value to your card, please contact OIT.