COGS Lab Rules

As a student in a course that is using the COGS Lab, you will have unrestricted access to the lab for the Winter quarter.  It is important that the rules listed below are followed.

  1. No food or drink of any kind, including bottled water, is permitted in the COGS Lab.
  2. When you leave the COGS Lab, make sure that your computer is turned off, that the room is neat, and that the door closes behind you.
  3. After 6:00pm and before 8:00am, and always during weekends, use your access code to enter the COGS Lab, even if the door is propped open.  After hours, do not allow anyone into the lab who does not have an access code.  If someone entering does have an access code, he or she should use it.  Do not give your access code to anyone else.
  4. Course labs and discussions are scheduled at certain times during the week; you should not plan to use the COGS lab during those times unless it is your scheduled lab period.
  5. Permission to use the COGS Lab lasts through the end of the quarter; your access code will stop working on Friday of Finals week.  Permission may be revoked at any time.