Course Description

This course is a project oriented course. The goal of the course is to introduce some of the networking concepts that are essential for mastering online game programming. The material is structured around topics such as network architectures, IP, addressing, subnetting, routing (RIP, OSPF), TCP and UDP, ICMP, network impairments, game playbility, latency compensation, etc. The course consists of weekly lectures on networking topics, and an online game project.

Recommended Texts:
  1. Anthony Steed and Manuel Fradinho Oliveira, Networked Graphics: Building Networked Games and Virtual Environments, Publ. by Morgan Kaufman
  2. Grenville Armitage, Mark Claypool, Philip Branch, Networking and Online Games - Understanding and Engineering Multiplayer Internet Games, Publ. by Wiley
  3. Sandeep Singhal and Michael Zyda, Networked Games: Design and Implementation, Publ. by Addison Wesley

Class Notes: Available on the web

Class Time: TTh:  9:30:00pm – 10:50pm

Class Room:  SH 174

Lab: COGS Lab (ICS 2 room 170)

Reader: Te-Yu Chen (

My coordinates: DB 3216,
My office hours: Thursday 11:30 - 1:00pm

Course Requirements: Quiz 1 20%, Quiz 2 40%, Project 40%.