Ghana Slave Trade

Research Abstract

The story of the slave trade is not often told to the masses, the world over, in its entirety, beginning from the villages in the heart of the African continent and ending on the shores of the New World. This project proposes to create a learning experience using virtual world technology that will bring the slave trade experience from its origins the West Coast of Africa
The motivation for this virtual tour project - for making the history of the slave trade come alive, is to give true meaning to the proverb: ``let us forgive but let us never forget.’’ By creating a virtual environment that renders the story of the slave trade, from its origins on the Western Coast of Africa, to its final destinations on the shores of the western side of the Atlantic, with a near to realistic experience of the journey suffered by so many, we will foster a stronger appreciation and understanding of one of history’s most shameful eras. A virtual 3D immersive tour will
•    spark the interest of our children and youth as they learn about it in school,
•    serve as a valuable tool for historians and scholars the world over, and
•    make the history of the African slave trade accessible to all.

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