Course Outline


This is a lab based course. The goal of the course is to reinforce some of the networking concepts that were taught in a asic introductory networking course. The lab is structured around lab exercises that highlight topics such as IP addressing and forwarding, LAN switching, data link and ARP, routing (RIP, OSPF), TCP, ICMP, NAT, DHCP, etc. The course consists of a sequence of labs that build upon each other. Lab quizzes are used to evaluate the students’ understanding of the material and ensure that students have completed the assigned lab exercises. All networking concepts that appear in the labs are covered weekly in class. A final written exam tests students on the concepts covered in class.


Prerequisites: Introduction to Networking Course (a strict requirement!)


Class Notes: Available online (see below)

Software: Available online and on UCI/ICS server.

Labs: Available on online (see below)

Class Communication: Piazza Classroom - Students will be added to a classroom account. All  queries/questions related to labs and quizzes should be directed thru Piazza to the TA, Reader, myself and other students. Students are recommended highly to participate in the Piazza discussions. We will monitor activity and give credit (see grading below) to those that are vocal and have intelligent and coherent responses. Any fake or irresponsile particiaption will have a negative impact.


Class Time: Mon:  6:30pm – 9:10pm

Class Room:  DBH 1300


Lab Room: 187, 189, 193


TA: Yunho Hoh


TA Office and Office Hours: DBH 3219 TF 3 - 5pm


My coordinates: DBH 3216,

My office hours: Monday/Wednesday 5 - 6pm


Course Grading:   In Lab Quizes (20%, 35%), Final (35%), Piazza Participation (10%)

Course Overview


Introduction to Internet LabTCP/IP Example, Internet Architecture, IP Addressing


Data Link Layer, ARP
IP Overview, IP Control Protocol (ICMP), IP Forwarding

LAN Switching

UDP, TCP Part 1, TCP Part 2