CS 299: Computational Photography [Winter 2012]

This is an experimental seminar course I am trying out for the first time. This course has been possible due to my student, Behzad Sajadi. His interest in the domain of computational photography motivated us to start exploring this area together. So, in this course, Behzad will be taking the lead. He has prepared lecture notes on the fundamental concepts in computational photography which he will present and we will spend the first few weeks (5-6) exploring these concepts. We hope that following that the students will be ready to explore on their own and we will start reading some papers. The course should be an enjoyable ride through an entirely different area and from our already interesting couple of classes, I am anticipating that all of us will have a fun time in this course. I will put the lecture notes online and keep updating it with each class.


Image Formation

Demosaicing And WhiteBalancing

Image Processing And Representation

Lenses And Depth Of Field