Tutorial 5: Building your own Projection-Based VR Display System (IEEE VR 2010)

The tutorial will be held in IEEE VR in Waltham, MA on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

Recent advances on auto-calibration of multi-projector displays on non-planar surfaces common in VR applications (like cylinders and piecewise planar caves) have made it possible for non-experts to think of building their own immersive VR displays. We believe that we are poised in that time when immersive VR displays can be released from their quarantined state in large labs/universities being maintained by a set of trained professional crew. Today it is possible to use available software and techniques to venture building a high-quality immersive display system that is neither expensive nor difficult to maintain.

This tutorial will presents an overview of automated geometric and color registration techniques to build multi-projector displays with special emphasis on techniques that allow shapes common to immersive VR displays (like cylinders or CAVEs), inexpensive commodity devices, stereo setups, moving user(s) and dynamic scenes. The goal of this tutorial is to impart sufficient information that the audience can build their own immersive VR displays, and expose the audience to potential research topics in such display design.

Course Topics

1.    Challenges in building a projection-based VR system

2.    Geometric Registration on simple planar shapes

3.    Color Registration

4.    Geometric Registration on complex non-planar shapes

5.    Handling Stereo, Dynamic users and scenes

6.    Towards the future

Course Material

The course material consists of the 90 page manual which will be made available before the presentation. The course slides will be made available after the presentation.