Current Graduate Students

   Duy Qoc-Lai

Past Graduate Students


    Behzad Sajadi (2012) Thesis: Automatic Registration of Large Non-Planar Multi-Projector Displays -  Quantitative Analyst, D.E. Shaw.


Pablo Roman (2010) Thesis: A Scalable Distributed Paradigm for Multi-User Interaction with Tiled Multi-Projector Displays - Doctoral candidate at Kyoto University, Japan

Maxim Lazarov (2010) Thesis: A Novel Hyperspectral Camera - At Dreamworks

Anna Diez (2009) Thesis: Edge Preserving Image Upsacling - At Telecommunications, Spain

Mitsunubo Sugimoto (2009) Thesis: Connected Component Based Video Editing -At National Defense Academy Computer Science, Japan

Ray Juang (2009) Thesis: Photometric Self-Calibration of a Projector-Camera Pair -At Google

Ezekiel Bhasker (2008) - At Qualcomm

Past UG Advisee

Jason Kim – Bachelors in ICS, 2006, currently at Pixar.