Mary Margaret Ryan

Statistics Ph.D. Student at the University of California, Irvine
marymr [at] uci [dot] edu

Mary Ryan is a third year Statistics Ph.D. student at the University of California, Irvine, working under Dr. Daniel Gillen. Her current research interests are in group sequential testing, with applications in Alzheimer's Disease biomarker discovery. She is also a member of the Mizzou Mafia, graduating with the Class of 2016 from the University of Missouri, Columbia, with Bachelors in Journalism and Statistics.

Posters & Presentations

March 2018 | Scientific Necessity of Study Partners in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease Trials from ReMIND Emerging Scientists Symposium | UC Irvine

March 2018 | R: Machine learning and data models from Computer-Assisted Reporting Conference | UC Irvine

April 2016 | Bridging gaps: An in-depth analysis of racial and ethnic wage gaps across industries around the 2008 recession from MU Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum | University of Missouri, Columbia

April 2015 | An Analysis of Suicide and Bullying in the United States Using a Non-Gaussian Multivariate Spatial Model from National Conference on Undergraduate Research (Eastern Washington University) & MU Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum (University of Missouri)

Updated July 2018