Open source software that I've created or contributed to

During the course of my research, I've developed or contributed to open source software. This page is a description of the software and my contribution to them (in chronological order)

:: NOIS: Non-Overlapping-Interval SkipList

This is a niche piece of software (to say the least). This is a data structure that stores non-overlapping intervals. When a new interval is added, and if existing interval(s) overlap with the new interval, the intervals are merged to maintain the invariant of non-overlapping intervals. Unlike Interval SkipList useful for "stabbing queries" (finding all intervals that contain a point), in NOIS, stabbing queries make little sense -- a point will be contained in exactly one or zero interval. NOIS is more useful for something like a publish-subscribe system where subscrition ranges need to be merged. Originally, I was evaluating using something like Red-Black trees but implementation using SkipLists is much easier. The base code for the normal SkipList was obtained from here. The NOIS Java jar file can be downloaded from here

:: RAPID+CREW: Peer2Peer Flash Dissemination System

Details coming soon. I'm trying to release a new version of the software. Please check back in a couple of days. Thanks!

:: TAO: C++ Implementation of CORBA Middleware

I co-designed and implemented the first server-side Asynchronous Method Handling (AMH) mechanism for CORBA middleware in TAO . TAO can be downloaded from here . TAO (The ACE ORB) is an open-source implementation of a CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) built using components and patterns in the ACE framework.

:: ZEN: Java Implementation of CORBA Middleware

I co-designed and implemented the initial version of the Portable Object Adapter (POA) of the Java Orb called ZEN . ZEN is a freely available, open-source, middleware that is compliant with most of the features defined in the CORBA 2.3 specification. ZEN can be downloaded from here. I also designed the logo for it (The Zorro type Z .. in Gimp of course :)