Flash Information Dissemination

I defended my dissertation on May 31st!

Hi. I'm a PhD student in the CS department at UCI and this web-page is primarily dedicated to the research that I do.
My thesis is on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Flash dissemination where I explore how to build systems and protocols for fast distribution of small amounts of data (less than 25MB) in a highly scalable fashion among heterogenous hosts. Flashback is an example of type of work/research that I do.

My research work came out of an internship that I had with the LA Emergency Preparedness Department (EPD). Though my work is motivated and set in context of crisis situations, the applications are more general, especially given the growing trend of sharing rich media and the large number of companies (and Web 2.0 startups) that are all trying to tap into this. Now imagine if they had technology that would allow them to scale seamlessly without actually worrying about bandwidth and server scalability. That, in a nutshell, is the holy grail of my research.

Sounds Interesting? Then, you can visit my detailed research page to find out more. And if you want even more, visit my publications page to get the real technical (and research) articles.

:: Background

I'm part of the ResCUE, a $12.5 million NSF project that is investigating how Information-Technology (IT) can be used to transform current day crisis-management.
Before starting with ResCUE, I worked on design and development of middleware for distributed systems and how to improve their scalability. Little bit on the theoretical side, I've also analyzed how large networks (like P2P systems) evolve under dynamic conditions.

While not involved in research, I like biking, rock-climbing and surfing. And, of course, sampling other cultures via their cuisines in 'The OC'. If you are in OC and love 'hole in walls', check this blog and a list of 74 places to visit.

Ph.D. Candidate

Advisor: Nalini, V.
Group: DSM

Contact Information

mail: at uci, deshpanm
444, Computer Science Bldg,
Irvine, CA 92697-3425