Software and Datasets

When I first started my career, there were no public software repositories like Github. Nowadays it is becoming more and more common to host and maintain code and software on Github, or similar repositories. As time goes by, I plan to improve and update my Github presence and link the available software on here. My (currently in development) Github repositories can be accessed here .

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need access to code and datasets from any of my publications. In some cases, I may need to require some polishing


  • Matlab code for the paper: Stingo, F.C., Guindani, M., Vannucci, M. and Calhoun, V. (2013). An Integrative Bayesian Modeling Approach to Imaging Genetics. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 108, 876-891.
  • R/C++ code for the paper: Cassese, A., Guindani, M., Tadesse, M., Falciani, F. and Vannucci, M. (2014). A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Inference on Copy Number Variants and their Association to Gene Expression. Annals of Applied Statistics, 8(1), 148-175. CRAN R package iBATCGH also available. See here for details.
  • R code for the paper: Guindani M, Mueller P, Zhang S (2009) A Bayesian discovery procedure Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B (Statistical Methodology) 71(5) , 905-25. (PMCID: PMC2914327)

  • Datasets

  • Processed fMRI and SNP data on 210 subjects from a study on schizophrenia (data in excel format) provided by the MCIC consortium (Gollub et al., Neuroinformatics, 11(3), 367-388, 2013).