Michael Shindler

I am an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Computer Science Department at UC Irvine.

Office: DBH 4058

During the period of remote instruction, I host my office hours via Zoom. If you want to meet with me, for example if you are thinking of graduate school and want to discuss it, and would otherwise drop by my office hours, but aren't in my class this term, please send me an email and I will try to find time to meet with you.

To form my email address, concatenate mikes with [at] ics [dot] uci [dot] edu

My recent research focuses primarily on educational issues in computer science; I am particularly interested in issues related to scaling class sizes and making efficient use of resources for student learning. In the past, my computer science research touched on computations on large datasets, machine learning, approximation algorithms, streaming algorithms, and data mining.

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In Summer 2020, I am teaching:
  • Comp Sci 161 : Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • Students on the waiting list are being offered positions in the class, as they become available, in the order they appear on the waiting list.
    • Students with extenuating circumstances should get in touch with me if needed. However, note that I do not provide priority to add the class for students whose sole reason is that they "need the class to graduate." As best I can tell, every student enrolled and on the waiting list needs the class to graduate.
The tentative plan for the 2020-2021 school year is for me to teach the following classes:
  • Fall 2020: I&C SCI 46, CompSci 161
  • Winter 2021: I&C SCI 46, CompSci 167
  • Spring 2021: CompSci 161, CompSci 162, CompSci 260P

Past Teaching

Course Number Course Title Quarters(s)
I&C SCI 46 Data Structure Implementation and Analysis Fall 2019, Winter 2020
CompSci 161 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Fall 2019
CompSci 162 Formal Languages and Automata Spring 2020
CompSci 167 Applied Cryptography Spring 2020
CompSci 260P Fundamentals of Algorithms with Applications Winter 2020

Selected Papers

  • Experience Report: Preemptive Final Exams for Computer Science Theory Courses. With Matthew Ferland, Aaron Cote, and Olivera Grujic. In CCSC South-west, 2020. [ pdf ] [ appendix pdf ]
  • Teaching Large Computer Science Classes. With Shahriar Shamsian, Gisele Ragusa, and Jeffrey Miller. In ASEE, 2016. [ pdf ]
  • Streaming k-means on Well-Clusterable Data. With Vladimir Braverman, Adam Meyerson, Rafail Ostrovsky, Alan Roytman, and Brian Tagiku. In SODA, 2011. [ pdf ]
  • Fast and Accurate k-means for Large Datasets. With Adam Meyerson and Alex Wong. In NIPS, 2011. [ pdf ] [ code ]

Erdos Number

My Erdos number is 3:
  • I co-authored Streaming k-means on Well-Clusterable Data (SODA 2011) with Rafail Ostrovsky (and also with Vladimir Braverman, Adam Meyerson, Alan Roytman, and Brian Tagiku)
  • Rafail Ostrovsky co-authored The linear-array conjecture in communication complexity is false (STOC 1996) with Nathan Linial (and also with Eyal Kushilevitz)
  • Nathan Linial co-authored Extremal problems on permutations under cyclic equivalence (Discrete Math, 1987) with Paul Erdos (and also with Shlomo Moran)
I would like to thank the American Mathematical Society's collaboration distance calculator for providing me with an easy way to determine this.

Educational Background

  • PhD in Computer Science from UCLA, 2011
    Advisor: Adam Meyerson
  • Master of Science in Computer Science from UCLA, 2008
    Advisor: Adam Meyerson
  • Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from UC Irvine, 2005.