Shivajit Mohapatra
Applications Research Center, Motorola Labs
Applications Research Center
600 North U.S. Highway 45,
Illinois (USA)
Phone: 847.523.3358 (Work)
Fax: 847.523.2244

:: Short Biography

I work for the Applications Research Center at Motorola Labs where I work in the general area of mobile computing systems. My research includes designing enablers for next generation mobile systems, mobile middleware frameworks, Ad-hoc computing and power management. I have also dabbled in Game Theory, Incentive Models and Security for mobile environments.

Specifically, over the past several years at Motorola research, the primary thrust of my work has been in two areas: (i) conceptualizing, architecting, designing, prototyping and evaluating distributed middleware technology that not only enable novel mobile applications, but also advance the state-of-the-art in mobile technology, and (ii) creating "disruptive" applications for next-generation mobile devices. The systems I have worked on have not only been enablers for "cool" applications (and product ideas), but some were designed to study more fundamental underlying research problems. The findings from these studies have been reported at international conferences/journals and have resulted in several patents for Motorola.

Before that, as part of my doctoral dissertation research on energy optimization on mobile systems, I proposed the use of distributed middleware architecture to dynamically capture global system state and coordinate energy adaptation strategies across various levels of system hierarchy. To achieve this, I designed a set of interfaces that facilitated bidirectional data flow and information exchange between the various system components. Using the prototype, I demonstrated that such a coordinated approach could achieve significant energy savings on mobile systems.

:: Work Experience / Education

| F5 Networks (current)
| Pervasive Platforms and Architectures Lab, Motorola Research Labs
| Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of California, Irvine.
    (Thesis: Cross-Layer Power Optimization on Mobile Devices).
| M.S. in Computer Science at University of California, Irvine.
| B.E.(Hons) Computer Science, BITS, Pilani (India)

:: Miscellaneous