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Available upon request. Please send me a note if you need my resume or statements.

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Q. So what's happening at Motorola labs with the Google acquisition and all?
A. Unfortunately, Google recently sold the Motorola Home division to Arris. Motorola labs which has traditionally been funded by the Home business unit will now become part of Arris.

Q. I want to get an internship / full-time position at Motorola Research. Can you help?
A. Currently, Motorola labs has a complete hiring freeze. So I will not be able to help with internships or full-time positions.

Q. You and your team have produced so many interesting applications. Why are they not on the app store(s)?
A. Much of the work we have done in the research labs have been prototypes for internal show and tell. Again, many of the concepts and ideas are published in journals and patent disclosures. If we had the resources, much of our creations could have been products on the app stores. But sadly, we have had fewer and fewer resources over the years. However, some of the prototypes we have worked on are well on their way to becoming products in some form or the other.

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