Some Stuff I Like To Do

Find out more about the greatest sport that ever was!

BTW, I can't wait for the 1998 World Cup to begin!

In the meantime, the European Championships will have to do - and they are already over! How I'm going to keep myself busy now is anybody's guess.

I'm a big fan, having lived in Phoenix and all.

They stink these days, but I'll never be one of them fairweather fans.

Whenever I get a chance, I try and listen to The Jungle. Jim Rome is pretty funny, notwithstanding the fact that (or especially because) Jim "Chris" Everett decked him on live TV a couple of years back.

I watch way too much TV. With the notable exception of , I don't believe any show on TV is nearly as funny as .

and are much more intelligent than people give them credit. I sometimes think that what bothers some about them is that, as repulsive as they find these two, B&B-H provide both funny and accurate social commentary. The truth hurts sometimes!

are not dead.

They are just roaming an alternate universe.

I'm a certified buff.

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I recently had a chance to finally see Picasso's Guernica in Madrid. It left every bit as powerful an impression on me as I had expected.