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CS 277: Data Mining (Spring 2013)

NEW! Newman awarded NSF grant to model effectiveness and efficiency of biomedical research funding
NEW! Newman awarded NSF grant to analyze CBET research portfolio
Topic Modeling Tool

> Interests
Machine Learning, Topic Modeling, Text Mining
Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems

My research focuses on theory and application of topic models and related text mining and machine learning techniques. My work is marked by a commitment to combining theoretical advances with practical applications in ways that widen access and use for individuals and communities, and improve the way people find, discover, analyze and understand information.

> Education
PhD, Princeton University
> Publications
2012 Newman, Koilada, Lau, Baldwin (2012). Bayesian Text Segmentation for Index Term Identification and Keyphrase Extraction. COLING 2012. [pdf]

Lau, Baldwin, Newman (2012). On Collocations and Topic Models. Forthcoming, ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing special issue on Multiword Expressions.

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> Students
Mike Stewart (UCI, PhD, co-advised with Alex Ihler)

Jey Han Lau (UniMelb, PhD, co-advised with Tim Baldwin)

Nagendra Koilada; Karthik Balasundaram; Prakash Nagarajan; Deepak Agarwal (UCI, MS students doing Independent Studies)

> Graduated Students

Arun Balagopalan (UCI, MS Thesis)

Xunyu Wang (UniMelb, MS, Independent Study)

YiFan Yang (UniMelb, MS, Independent Study)

> Teaching
CS 277 Data Mining (Spring 2013)

Web Technologies, guest lecturer (Semester 1 2009)

CS 277 Data Mining (Fall 2007)

> News
Newman awarded NSF grant to model effectiveness and efficiency of biomedical research funding

Newman awarded NSF grant to analyze CBET research portfolio

Smyth & Newman awarded IARPA grant

Newman awarded NSF EAGER to analyze grant portfolios

Spent 2009 and 2010 at NICTA in Melbourne, Australia

Newman does pilot study on topic modeling grants

Newman receives Google Research Award for topic mapping

Newman and collaborators awarded $750,000 for topic modeling

UCI researchers 'text mine' the New York Times, demonstrating evolution of potent new technology

> Topic Model and Topic Map Demos
NIH Topic Map and Topic Browser (article in Nature Methods)