Fact Sheet

ICS-33: Intermediate Programming

Instructor Information

InstructorRichard Pattis
Office Location    DBH 4062 (Bren Hall)
Office Phone (949) 824-2704 (but email is better)
Office Hours Mon  11:00am - 1:00pm
Tues  12:00pm - 2:00pm
Wed  11:00am - 1:00pm
(except when faculty meetings)
Thr None
Fri  11:00am - 1:00pm
Course Mottos   G-d is in the details/ABC: Always Be Coding

Rich Pattis

Quotes for Learning: I'll encourage you to learn and point the way (but you must engage)
Learning results from what the student does and thinks, and only from what the student does and thinks. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing the student to learn.
- Herbert Simon (Carnegie Mellon University)

[T-Shirt version: I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you.]

We don't have much time, so we don't teach them; we acquaint them with things that they can learn.
- Charles Leiserson (MIT)

[Like previewing a route on a map, then sending out students to explore the terrain.]

Character is created by encountering and overcoming failure.
- P. Tough (in his book How Children Succeed)

[Make mistakes to learn (to teach yourself); mistakes aren't failures, if you learn from them.]

Staff Information

Tiehang Duan
TA Labs: 12
Radu Handolescu
Lab Reader: 4
Sheng-Wei(Richard) Hsu
Lab Reader: 11
James Austin Liu
TA Labs: 7 and 10
Seyyed Razavi
TA Labs: 5 and 8
Juan Besa
TA Labs: 6 and 9

Bryant Gunaman
Lab 4 Tutor
Alison Tsoi
Lab 5 Tutor
Lily Pham
Lab 6 Tutor
Chuyi Wang
Lab 7 Tutor
Justin Leong
Lab 8 Tutor

Yiqing Yang
Lab 9 Tutor
Joshua Tavassolikhah
Lab 10 Tutor
Gael Bau
Lab 11 Tutor
Tristan Samonte
Lab 12 Tutor

Course Help

Instructor Office Hours: Please feel free to drop by any time during my office hours, without an appointment (these are open office hours ). I cannot provide much debugging help if there are many students waiting to see me (better to see a TA/Lab tutor for debugging help; if you must see me, come prepared with a good understanding of the specifications for the problem and a good understanding of the code you wrote, including where/how it is failing). If you cannot make any of these times and want to schedule an appointment at some other time, e-mail me to arrange one (or, if the question is small, just send me e-mail asking it).

Instructor Email: I answer e-mail periodically throughout the day (from about 6:30am to 10:00pm). If you have a question that would be of interest to the entire class, please post it on the appropriate MessageBoard Forum (see below).

MessageBoard Forums: I have created a Message Board for this class and started five MessageBoard Forums (see below). I prefer students ask questions on these Forums, so that everyone (staff and other students) can see the questions and everyone can participate in answering the questions (and exploring the answers). I expect students to read these Message Boards regularly to keep current on their discussions. Avoid duplicate posts: before posting, first check whether another student has already posted on that topic. When you do post a question, choose a clear, specific and descriptive Title.

  1. Python and Eclipse: Ask/answer/discuss questions about the Python Programming Language, the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, or how to use them together.

  2. Lecture Material: Ask/answer/discuss questions about the readings and the materials discussed in class.

  3. Quizzes and Exams: Ask/answer/discuss questions about the quizzes and exams (written and programming). DO NOT post solutions or any code, but feel free to ask about/discuss all other aspects of the quizzes and exams (including asking for clarification, input/output examples, etc: be specific).

  4. Programming Assignments: Ask/answer/discuss questions about the programming assignments: specification, relevant Python, etc. DO NOT post solutions or any code, but feel free to ask about/discuss all other aspects of the programming assignments (including asking for clarification, input/output examples, etc: be specific).

  5. Find Programming Partners: Find a programming partner. Relevant information is your Lab (partners should at least have labs meeting at the same time), approximate skill level (best to match with someone your own level), work habits (e.g., prefer to work days, evenings, weekends; do/don't want to work early to get extra for early submissions), preferred location to work (if your dorm/home, say where that is), ...
Feel free to ask questions and answer other students' questions on these forums (subject to the prohibition of posting code for Quizzes and Exams and Programming Assignments). I will read all Forums early every morning and answer all unresolved questions. Before you post a question, check whether that question has already been asked; if it hasn't, choose the Title line carefully, so that any potential reader sees an overview of its contents.

In past quarters, the message board/forum mechanism have seen a good amount of traffic: course material has been clarified, questions have been asked and answered, and many interesting discussions have ensued. But the efficacy of these discussions depends on your participation. If the need for other forums arise, I will create them: feel free to suggest other forums to me.

Course Email: The instructor, staff, and all students registered for the course can send email to everyone else by emailing the address ics33-S18@classes.uci.edu. All messages sent via this email address will be archived on the Email Archive As the instructor, I will frequently use this mechanism to broadcast timely information to all the students. Students should use this email address more selectively: mostly you should be using the forums mentioned above to ask questions, so all students can see your questions/comments and participate in the discussion. One reasonable student use of this email list is to send email if Checkmate (the program submission system) appears to be down; by sending class email on this topic, I will learn about the problem, other students in the class will learn about the proble, and everyone will know I know about the problem. In such a case (when I bring Checkmate back up), I'll send a follow-up email message to everyone.

Finally, remember to read the Announcements link daily, on the course web; I tend to post long-lived information here, rather than via the forums or email.

Lecture/Lab Meeting Places and Times

Lecture/Lab(s) Staff Classroom Days Start Stop
Lecture A Rich Pattis HIB 100 MWF 9:00 am 9:50 am
Lecture B Rich Pattis HIB 100 MWF 2:00 pm 2:50 pm
Lab 4 Radu Handolescu ICS 183 TuTh 10:00 am 11:50 am
Lab 5 Seyyed Razavi Majomard ICS 189 TuTh 10:00 am 11:50 am
Lab 6 Juan Besa Vial ICS 192 TuTh 10:00 am 11:50 am
Lab 7 James Austin Liu ICS 183 TuTh 12:00 pm 1:50 pm
Lab 8 Seyyed Razavi Majomard ICS 189 TuTh 12:00 pm 1:50 pm
Lab 9 Juan Besa Vial ICS 192 TuTh 12:00 pm 1:50 pm
Lab 10 James Austin Liu ICS 183 TuTh 2:00 pm 3:50 pm
Lab 11 Sheng-Wei(Ricahrd) Hsu ICS 189 TuTh 2:00 pm 3:50 pm
Lab 12 Tiehang Duan ICS 192 TuTh 2:00 pm 3:50 pm

It is well known (but often underappreciated) fact that consistent attendence of lectures/lab is strongly correlated with good course performance; therefore, I expect all my students to attend lectures and labs regularly. Plan on arriving punctually -I may make important announcements at the start of a lecture- paying attention, and treating your classmates with respect.

If you do miss a lecture, your first point of contact should be other students who attended the lecture to determine what you missed and how you can catch up (see the course web too). One of the most "bewildering" questions faculty hear is, "I missed lecture yesterday; did you say or do anything important?"

Bottom Line

As a lecturer at UCI, my primary responsiblity is teaching; my primary activities are preparing course materials, teaching in class, interacting with students (in class, during office hours, on MessageBoard Forums) and grading.