Course Library Installation for Eclipse/Python

These instructions review how to install the course library folder (courselib) in Eclipse/Python (these instructions also appear at the bottom of Eclipse Download and Installation Instructions). Then they explain how to populate this the courselib folder with all the modules in the standard course library (and individual modules).

Review: Courselib Folder Installation

  1. Locate the workspace folder (typically C:\Users\yourname\workspace) and put a new, empty folder named courselib into this workspace folder. This folder will contain course-specific Python module files that are useable in all Python projects in Eclipse.

  2. Inform Eclipse to use the courselib folder in all Python projects.

    Populate Course Library with Python Modules

    1. Locate the workspace folder for Eclipse (typically C:\Users\yourname\workspace); double-click it to open it and then double-click the courselib folder inside it (whose installation was described above) to open it.

    2. Download the file and move it into the courselib folder opened above.

    3. Unzip it. The courselib folder will look something like the following: the .zip file followed by .py files (although it may contain more .py files, and the sizes and dates on these files may be different).

      Later this folder will contain another folder named __pycache__

    4. If we are currently running Eclipse, we must terminate it and restart it: otherwise Eclipse will not notice the change that we have made to the courselib folder).

    5. Finally, we can individually add any other useful .py module files to the courselib folder (mostly we will be told when to do so), thus making their modules available to all our Python projects.