Course Software: ICS-33

Your computer must be able to access the internet to download these resources. Clicking a resource will typically launch its own browser window for viewing/downloading (leaving this window underneath). Downloads via the campus ethernet, DSL, and wireless connections are reasonably fast.

Main Software: Java (to run Eclipse), Python, and Eclipse

Please follow the instructions below to download and install the following three software packages, in the order given.

Instructions(Windows): Java
Instructions(Windows): Python
Instructions(Windows): Eclipse (for Python)

Instructions(Mac): Java
Instructions(Mac): Python
Instructions(Mac): Eclipse (for Python)

Alternative Instructions From RIT: Python and Eclipse/PyDev

Instructions: Troubleshooting Java/Eclipse/Python Installation

Programming and Debugging With Eclipse (for Python)

Python Programming in the Eclipse IDE (Overview/Tutorial)
Instructions for using Eclipse to develop Python programs. This document acts as an overview and tutorial for using Python in Eclipse.

The Debugger Perspective in Eclipse
A reference and tutorial on using the Debugger Perspective in Eclipse. It includes information about observing script variables, single stepping through code in scripts, and setting/clearing unconditional and conditional breakpoints.

Standard Course Library

After you have installed the software above (which will include instructions on how to create a courselib folder in your Eclipse workspace), download and unzip the following file, and copy all the .py files (Python modules) that it produces into the courselib folder in your Eclipse workspace.

Instructions: Course Library
View:          Documentation

Python Software/Modules

Repositories for Python on the web.

View: Wikipedia List of Python Software
View: Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages