Course Software: ICS-46

Your computer must be able to access the internet to download these resources. Clicking a resource will typically launch its own browser window for viewing/downloading (leaving this window underneath). Downloads via the campus ethernet, DSL, and wireless connections are reasonably fast.

Main Software: Clang C++ and CLion IDE

Please follow the instructions below to download and install the following software packages, in the order given.

The final CLion instructions explain how to download, install, and test the course libraries (courselib and gtestlib), which are required for most quizzes and programming assignments.

I rewrote these instructions for Fall 2016. If you find mistakes email them to me; if you are confused, post on the appropriate MessageBoard Forum.

Instructions(Windows): Cygwin Toolset (including Clang C++)
Instructions(Windows): CLion IDE     or      Command Line

Instructions(Mac):         Clang C/C++ Compilers
Instructions(Mac):         CLion IDE     or      Command Line

Debian/Ubuntu: courselib (compiled and distributed with permission by Zihan Chen:
He also advises, to put "-lpthread" as part of CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS as the gtestlib is compiled with pthread