Reducing Misclassification Costs


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Table of Contents

Reducing Misclassification Costs

Learning and Costs

Nynex Telephone Network Troubleshooting

Additional Domains from UCI Archive

Reducing Misclassification Costs

Decision Tree Test Selection Metrics

Decision Tree Misclassification Costs

Problems with Altered Priors

Least Expected Cost Class

Probabilistic Classifiers

Probabilistic Classifier Misclassification Costs

Bayesian Classifier: Cost and Error

Decision Lists and ILP

Reduced Cost Ordering: Postprocessor for FOCL

Reduced Cost Ordering Example

Decision Lists Cost Results

Overfitting Aviodance

Overfitting Avoidance Cost Results


FOCL Results

Iterative Refinement of Numeric Parameters

Iterative Refinement Cost Results

Future Work



Author: Mike Pazzani


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