ICS 171 Homework #10

1. (50) Convert the problem of Homework #9 to Horn clauses in lisp notation with one additional fact that 'John studies hard in Math'

2. (50) Find an exam that Mary passes and John studied hard for by using backward chaining (unify.lisp and backward-chain.lisp).

3 (25 bonus points) What would the result be of unifying the following terms:

a. (connects (?x . ?out) ?x ?out) and ((connects (c i i) c ?rem))

b. (hates Pat ?x) and (hates ?x Bob)

c. (loves ?x ?x) and (loves Mike ?y)

d. (bloodgluc ?Patient ?G) and (bloodgluc doo 11)

e. (f ?x ?x) and (f (g ?x) (g ?x))

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