Mechanism: Instrumented Connectors


Shared Library (DLL) mediator?


A scenario that illustrates a problem and how the different elements of the mechanism solve the problem. The scenario will help you understand the more abstract description of the mechanism below.


What are the situations in which the mechanism can be applied? What are examples of poor designs that the mechansim can address? How can you recognize these situations?


The elements participating in the mechanism and their responsibilities.


How the participants collaborate to carry out their responsibilities.


Instrumented connectors have the following benefits:

  1. They are fine grained. The callee and function name are dissernable and may be used to provide alternative behavior.

Instrumented connectors have the following limitations:

  1. They are platform dependent.
  2. Composability is difficult.


What pitfalls, hints, or techniques should you be aware of when implementing the mechanism? Are there language-specific issues?

  1. Description of Bullet

Known Uses

Bob Balzer at the ISI has built an interactive, graphical architecture editor by creating instrumented connectors for Microsoft's PowerPoint. They have also created a virtual, encrypted file system browsable by Netscape's Navigator using instrumented connectors.

Related Mechanisms

The instrumented connector is a particular type of communication intermediation.

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