EDCS Panel Session on
Dynamic Architectures and Languages

Slides from a panel session held at the EDCS cluster meeting in Austin, TX, are provided below.
  • Bob Balzer, ISI
    "Dynamic Architectures"
  • Rick Brenner, Draper Laboratory
    "What Dynamic Languages Can Do for ADLs"
  • Peter Feiler, Software Engineering Institute
    "Dynamic Architectures and High Asurance"
  • David Garlan, Carnegie Mellon University
    "Specifying Dynamic Architectures using Wright"
  • David Luckham, Stanford University
    Slides not yet available
  • Peyman Oreizy, University of California, Irvine
    "Architecture-based Runtime Software Evolution"
  • John Peterson, Yale University
    "Higher-Order Typed (HOT) Languages"
  • Jim Veitch, Franz Inc.
    "Franz Dynamic Language EDCS Project State"

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