Assignment 1: Project Bid

Due as a Class Presentation beginning Monday, October 8, 2001

Assignment Requirements

This assignment consists of a class presentation by one or more of the team members. Some overhead transparencies will be provided to each team or teams can bring a disk with PowerPoint Slides for projection from the instructor's laptop. Transparencies may be hand written if neatly done. Transparencies should be turned in after the presentation. Grading is both on the content and the quality of the presentation.

Purpose and Content

The purpose of this exercise is to convince your client that you can effectively complete the project they have described. Effectiveness means that you can elicit further requirements from them and reach a mutual agreement. The project bid should convince the hearers (primarily me) that your team has a good understanding of the problem, are anticipating questions to elicit further requirements from the client, have a rough idea of the process or lifecycle you will follow (remember process and lifecycle diagrams from ICS 121), have an idea of how you will test the project (perhaps an "acceptance test" or initial ideas about it), have an idea of the kinds of technology you will employ, and, finally, that your team members provide a sufficient mix of skills and experience.


Projects often begin vaguely. Clients do not have complete ideas about the work that should be done. They may not fully anticipate their needs. Therefore your project bid will not be exact. You will have to guess about some aspects of the project. You will have to struggle with ambiguities and uncertainties. The point however is to demonstrate that you have tried to understand the problem as best as possible and have begun to think about the entire project lifecycle.

You should already have contacted the potential client. I will ask about this at the presentation. Remember, it is best to select one person from the team to coordinate with the (potential) client.

You might think back to ICS 121 Assignment 3 (depdending on your instructor) Lifecycle Considerations and Validation.

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