Homework 2: Team Web Page

Due Wednesday, October 17, by 5 p.m. through email to rijitg@ics.uci.edu

You are to create a Web page for your team. The Web page should contain the information listed below. Send the URL (not the file) for the page to Rijit as indicated above. Remember to set protections for the "world" to browse your page.

Team Name. You may want to choose a name for your group to give yourselves some identity. In the past, teams have given themselves nicknames based on the longer project name. Most Project names are short enough to serve as the team name, e.g., "Java2D GEF." However, you have the option to invent a name.

Team Logo. Create some sort of logo or placeholder for your team.

Project Name. The "official" name of the project you want to bid on. This name is taken from the projects Web page.

Contact Person/Client. The name and email of the client, as in project Web pages.

Summary. You should write your own one or two paragraph (about 12 to 15 sentence) summary of the project. This summary should be in your own words and it should capture what you see to be salient features of the project. Therefore it is not simply the summary from the project Web pages.

Team Members. You should include a list of the team members, with one member listed as the "lead." Each name should link to your individual Web page. If you are dividing responsibilities up in your group, you can choose to list responsibilities next to the names (see e.g. the list of roles in the Mythical Man-Month). Of course, each team member should assist with every activity in the project, but different members may take the lead or the responsibility for different activities (e.g., testing, requirements, etc.).

Additional Links. You may include an annotated list of links at the end of the Web page. These will include at least a reference to the appropriate projects Web page. It may include links relevant to types of technologies that you think you will use..

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