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Schedule, Lecture, & Assignments



12/2/03 – Final Schedule


As noted on


the final for ICS 131 is Friday, December 12, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.


The format is the same as the midterm and is open notes. Bring a dictionary if you like (electronic or paper).


David F. Redmiles.


PS please remember short summaries due Friday but no more long summaries.



11/26/03Grad School Scholarship


As talked about in class. Click here.


David Redmiles.



11/24/03 – No long summaries but …


There are no more long summaries / editorials to do. However, short summaries for articles for weeks 8 and 9 are due in class (stapled together) on Friday, December 5, 2003.


David Redmiles.


11/7/03Yes Class Monday and …


Tuesday (11/11) is the University Holiday, not Monday.


More papers are in the Engineering Copy Center and on the Web.


Guest speaker (fun) Friday 11/14.


For discussion in class Wednesday (11/12), bring a personal example of how “ubiquitous” computing technology changed some aspect of your work or play (e.g. calendar programs, party planner on Yahoo, palmtops and handhelds, laptops, GPS, email, and cell phones). Be prepared to tell a positive (beneficial) aspect of your story as well as a negative (detrimental) aspect; either for yourself or as you imagine for others.


Deadline for next batch of writeups! The current topic will finish on 11/14; we return to the rule that narratives and short summaries are due 1 week thereafter. So, the next batch of assignments will be due Friday 11/21 in class.


David Redmiles.


10/27/03 – Discussion Section this Week and Assignments Graded


Discussion sections M, W, F, will be held by Matthew to discuss common problems with the Long Summaries / Editorials.


Also, the assignments are graded and the grades available through EEE.


David and Matthew.

10/13/03 – Short and Long Summaries


“Long Summary” is just a nickname; this essay is both summary and opinion, see description on course home page.


Also, please copy (or print out) the first 2 pages of each of your additional sources.


Short summaries should be separate pages.


TA and reader

10/13/03Readings for Week 3


This week’s readings on Privacy are now posted and will be in the Engineering Copy Center shortly.



10/7/03 – No Office Hours


Sorry, no office hours today or Friday; see TA.




10/1/03 – Discussion Sections


Discussion sections will be held Friday (10/3/03), Monday (10/6/03), and Wednesday (10/8) to discuss the “long summary” assignment that will be due one week after finishing the Voting Topic (i.e., due in class 10/17/03).


Also, Matthew has suggested he can give some discussion as time permits to those interested in the mathematics of cryptography and electronic voting.


Redmiles and Nguyen


9/29/03 Readings Again


To access the readings, you may use your UCI login (e.g. name@uci.edu) from a computer on campus, pick a copy up at the Engineering Copy Center (plaza level, toward outer ring), or from off campus, try using the VPN as explained at http://www.nacs.uci.edu/security/vpn.html


Good luck!




9/26/03 – Readings Available


You should be able to access readings for Weeks 1 and 2 off of the “Schedule, Lecture, & Assignments” link.



9/26/03 - Temp accounts


If you are a new student and need a temporary UCI account to access the Web site, library site, etc. Please email me with subject line “131 Need Temp Account”



9/26/03 - Welcome to class!