UC IRVINE - ICS 227 - User Interfaces and Software Engineering




Catalog Description

Exploration of current developemnts in systems and tools for creation and run-time management of graphical user interfaces. Object specification, constraint specification and maintenance, control paradigms, separation of oncerns, support infrastructures, and multi-media issues also are discussed.

Redmiles' Description

This class is about constructing software with a user intefaces. That's obvious. But, in order to construct interactive software, software engineers must have both the "right" perspective on the design as well as knowledge of implementation platforms. Thus, we will begin with a very generic question: what software should be built (and inversely what software should not be built). In a sense we follow a lifecycle of problem definition, requirements, design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Students will implement a user interface software project over the course of the quarter. They will participate in at least three presentations about this project. The first presentation will be a description of their project idea. The second will be a detailed description (possibly as a collaborative presentation) of the implmentation platform for the project. The third presentation will be the final presentation of the project. The project will need to be documented appropriately according to the developers' and users' perspectives.

Generally, class will consist one-half to three-quarters of discussion of a paper or papers with the remainder of the class focusing on discussion of students' projects and status.



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