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229 Seminar in Informatics (2). Current research and research trends in Informatics. Forum for presentation and criticism by students of research work in progress. May be repeated for credit.




01/06: Intro / Organization


01/13: Julian Bleecker, USC (mobile, wireless, technology, play)


Amanda Williams, Eric Baumer, Simon Yau


01/20: Don Patterson


Yin Yee Lai, Stephen Quirk, Gerald Bortis


01/27: Tatsuhiro Nishioka? (tat@ics.uci.edu) (SW guy)


Ivan Seredkin, Adrian Sugandhi


02/03: (NO Class HCIC)



02/10: Michael Curry, UCLA


David Nguyen


02/17: John-Sören Pettersson (Sameer Patel hosting)


Jose Romero-Mariona, Wiwat Ruengmee, Mustafa Rahimi, Trung Ngo


02/24: (RSVP and attend ISR Distinguished Speaker – Victor Basili)




03/03: Review of Victor Basili Talk


Hiroko Wilensky, Bobby Kotzev


03/10: Crista  Lopes / Piere Baldi  – Last Class


Erik Trainer, Bryan Semaan


03/17: (RSVP and attend ISR Distinguished Speaker – Laurie Williams)








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Announcements: Critical announcements will be emailed to your UCI Net ID / Login. Please make it is set up properly and being forwarded to whichever account you normally read email from. Many other announcements will be made in class. If you miss class, please check with a friend to learn about any in-class announcements that may be important to you.


Web Page and Readings: The Web page for the class, particularly the list of talks is subject to update. Check it frequently and be sure to refresh / reload the Web pages when you browse them.


Email correspondence: All email to me must include the class number, ICS 229, in the subject line. If you do not get a response to the email in 72 hours, resend it.




Course Mechanics


Class requires giving a short talk or leading a structured discussion about the topic of the Informatics Friday seminar or giving a talk on another topic.