UC IRVINE - ICS 280C - Ubiquitous Computing in the Real World



Course Code: 36689

Course Description

Ubiquitous computing has been described as the technological trend that will define this century [Weiser 1991; Weiser 1993]. More important than this prediction is the reality that we are indeed seeing the increasing numbers of ubiquitous devices and accompanying software infrastructures and protocols. Examples include mobile devices such as phones, palm tops, and wrist bands; intelligent homes and home appliances such as stereos and stoves; and surveillance systems such as found in subways and stores.

The purpose of this seminar is to explore this emerging technology from its many aspects but always maintaining the viewpoint or a focus on the human end users. There are many issues that may be discussed including: realistic scenarios; theories to help assess these technologies and develop appropriate requirements; software development platforms and toolkits; security and privacy; and underlying protocols.

The format of this class is that of a seminar. Materials for the class include product descriptions (software, middleware, or hardware), Web sites, research articles, and potentially guest speakers. Class participation, including attendance, is extremely important (40% of the grade). Moreover, each student will do a presentation to the class on a related class topic, such as those mentioned above (20% of the grade). Finally, students will work on an individual or group project (depending on the size of the class) to be documented in a final report and in a final presentation.

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