IN4MATX 143: Information Visualization


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Administrative Information


Instructor: David Redmiles


Office: DBH 5038

Office Hours: Tuesday’s 12:30-1:30 p.m. (with occasional exceptions)


Lecture: Tu Th 3:30-4:50

Classroom: DBH 1300

Course Code: 37080



Teaching Assistant: Erik Trainer


Office: DBH 5231

Office Hours: Wednesday’s 11-12 (and by email appointment)


Discussion: MWF 3:00- 4:50 (as announced)

Classroom: DBH 1300

Course Code: 37081





Course Description and Prerequisites


143 Information Visualization (4). Introduction to interactive visual interfaces for large datasets, and to principles of human visual perception and human computer interaction that inform their design. Various applications for data analysis and monitoring are discussed. Prerequisite: Informatics 131 or Informatics 43 or ICS 52.






Add/drop: If you wish to add this class, do so before the end of Week 2.


Academic honesty: Please familiarize yourself with the latest UCI academic honesty policy: The consequences of academic dishonesty are not worth the risks.


Announcements: Critical announcements will be emailed to your UCI Net ID / Login. Please make it is set up properly and being forwarded to whichever account you normally read email from. Many other announcements will be made in class. If you miss class, please check with a friend to learn about any in-class announcements that may be important to you.


Web Page, Course Materials, Posted Assignments: The Web page for the class, including the schedule of topics and the posting of assignments, is subject to update. Check it frequently and be sure to refresh / reload the Web pages when you browse them.


Email correspondence: All email to me or the TA must include the class number, IN4MATX 143, in the subject line. If you do not get a response to the email in 72 hours, resend it.




Course Mechanics and Grading


Lectures, Attendance, Participation: will focus on principles and examples, and include a great deal of discussion. Therefore class attendance and participation is required. Email the TA if you will be absent.


Course Materials: Materials for the lectures will be drawn from Web sites, provided in power point slides, some articles from digital libraries, and occasional readings on reserve at the campus libraries. There will be occasional guest lecturers.


Weekly Assignment: For each week, students will find one example visualization to share with the class and discuss (generally) pros and cons. “Pros and cons” will usually be structured according to a lecture theme for that week or based on a specific project homework. The example needs to be accessible on a Web site or in a digital form for sharing.


Project Assignments: Three individual project homeworks are planned with one or two requiring programming.


No Final Exam or Midterm.




  • 50% Project Assignments
  • 40% Weekly Assignment / Presentation
  • 10% Other Class Participation