Example 4 – Representing Multivariate Data


Choose a thing that has lots of instances with several attributes that is common for people to search or find a relationship in. The example I used in class was that of tea. There are thousands of types of teas with many attributes. Some attributes are quantitative (e.g. water temperature and steep time) and some are qualitative (e.g. “smooth” and “flavorful”). You may choose another example.


Sketch out and explain in a short paragraph, a visualization that would help a viewer choose among the many instances to find something they were searching for (a pattern, a single instance, etc.).


The sketch does not have to be complete nor programmed. For instance, if you use pen and paper, you can scan the image to include it in a document. Your explanation can describe any missing details.


Your explanation should include a statement whether you think the search task is better accomplished with a non visual interface and why.


Use your imagination.